Inner Speed Secrets 201



No matter what your level of experience is, or the type of motorsport you’re involved in, this Inner Speed Secrets 201 eCourse will help you perform at your best more often, get into the zone or flow, learn tracks more quickly, manage your mental state, and ultimately drive faster and safer.



About This Course:

High performance and race drivers know that it’s the mental game that separates the best from the rest. The problem is that most drivers don’t know what to do, or where to go to learn to improve their own mental performance. That problem has been solved with this eCourse – an online, accessible training tool that until now has been reserved for private and exclusive training provided by Ross Bentley. It’s available to you – now.

After you complete this course, you will:

‣ Get into the zone – or flow – performing at your best, more often
‣ Understand how your mind drives your car
‣ Drive more consistently
‣ Have a way to trigger a “performance state of mind”
‣ Maintain your focus longer
‣ Improve your ability to take in more reference points around the track
‣ Minimize the effects of the errors you make
‣ Manage your confidence level
‣ Make better decisions
‣ Mentally process information faster
‣ Learn how to use mental imagery to learn tracks and techniques more efficiently
‣ Have specific “tools” you can use to perform more consistently at your best, and improve your best

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